‘Health is your business’

About us

The Sussex Healthy Business Framework project began with the aim of assisting all interested partners and businesses to promote health and wellbeing. The project has the support of NHS West Sussex, Local Authorities, Health and Wellbeing Partnerships and the Voluntary Sector.

It aims to..

  • Use the workplace setting more efficiently
  • Improve information and education
  • Prevent ill-health and its causes
  • Support early diagnosis and rapid return to work
  • Tackle worklessness and health inequality
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase productivity

'Health is Your Business' was adopted as the slogan to represent the partnership between public and voluntary sector agencies and businesses, whose aim is to support businesses to improve the health of their workforce in and outside of work. Health is your business will provide:

  • Helpful tools, leaflets, posters and information
  • The best ways to signpost the support and services available
  • Ways to bring advice, training and brief interventions into workplace settings
  • Support business with analysis of the business case

Work offers self-esteem, structure, companionship, status and income. By using 'health is your business' you can:

  • Save money by reducing absence
  • Improve efficiency and performance from enthusiastic staff
  • Encourage better team work, less conflict
  • Smarten your competitive edge by becoming an employer of choice
  • Raise your profile with free publicity and recognition

The environment we work in influences our health choices. Good work is good for your health.

Further Information

Working for Health gives more information on the origins of this work and the latest national initiatives.

The South East Health Strategy adopts as a key theme working age employment and health.