‘Health is your business’

Mental Health

The topic of mental health is moving up the agenda for employers, as growing research demonstrates the importance of mental health and well-being in relation to our physical health, social inclusion and productivity. Each year, two out of every ten employees will suffer from some form of mental health problem. It has been estimated that 30-40% of all sickness absence from work is due to some form of mental or emotional disturbance.


Employers' responsibilities around stress

Employers have a responsibility to support staff who may be suffering from stress, either work-related, or otherwise.

  • Demands
  • Control
  • Support
  • Relationships
  • Roles
  • Change

By managing these organisational aspects of work, and reducing levels of stress in the workforce, employers will see the benefits in the form of increased productivity, reduction in accident levels, lower sickness absence rates, and improved staff morale.

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